The Relationship Between
Humans And Horses

The Challenges Horses Face in the U.S.

Horses and humans share a history of partnership spanning thousands of years. At Moonlight Mile Ranch, we value and prioritize rescue and training partnerships, recognizing the need to respect and honor these magnificent animals.

In our rescue work, we witness the crises horses are facing. Overpopulation is a significant issue, leading to tens of thousands being sent to slaughter from the U.S. to other parts of the world annually. The neglect and abuse is truly heart-wrenching.

Horse Overpopulation:

Horses bred for sport and entertainment are often discarded if they get injured or fail to meet expectations. This uncertain fate can lead to horses being sent to auctions and the slaughter pipeline.

Owner Neglect:

Similar to dogs or cats, horses can experience neglect from their owners, often to alarming extents. Ensuring proper care involves providing access to hay and water, maintaining a clean living space, scheduling regular teeth floats to manage teeth growth, and trimming hooves every six weeks. Neglect can lead to severe health issues and even fatalities in horses.

Animal Abuse:

Horses, being gentle giants, tragically suffer when overworked, severely neglected, or physically harmed by people.

These discarded horses often undergo multiple changes in ownership (as horses can live for over 30 years), subjecting them to an uncertain future. Once they no longer fulfill their intended purpose, they might be listed for sale in the open market, leaving them vulnerable to “kill buyers” who purchase them for slaughter outside the United States.
Per Week

24 horses die every week on U.S. racetracks. – PETA


In 2022, approximately 20,000 horses were relocated to slaughter facilities in Mexico and Canada. РSAFE ACT (Save America’s Forgotten Equines)

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Good Condition

92.3% of horses sent to slaughter are in good condition and are able to live out a productive life – USDA

What We Can Do About it

Our commitment stems from the belief that we can coexist with mutual respect, positively impacting each other’s lives. To address these challenges, advocating for responsible ownership, providing tools for better care, strengthening animal welfare laws, and fostering a cooperative and efficient rescue community are essential steps to create a more sustainable and compassionate outcome for horses in need.

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