Second Chances:
Moonlight Mile Ranch

A Chapter Book Adventure about Horses and Wildfire

After losing their Malibu farm to a devastating wildfire, Slick and his daughter June find themselves with no choice but to put their beloved horses up for adoption. With their home and barn gone, they can no longer care for the animals. Fortunately, fate brings them to a shelter where they meet Mel and her daughter Lennon, who share a passion for rescuing animals. Mel and Lennon are delighted to adopt Slick’s horse, Hickory.

As circumstances unfold, Mel offers Slick a job at her Moonlight Mile Ranch as a ranch hand. This marks the beginning of a remarkable journey where they work together to help animals in need, providing them with the second chances they truly deserve. The experiences they encounter are a heartwarming and inspiring collection of stories that highlight the profound bond between humans and animals.

A gripping chapter book about horses for children, adolescents, and teens, Second Chances: Moonlight Mile Ranch introduces young readers to the power of compassion and how the connection between people and animals can be transformative and healing.

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