Meet Our Rescued Ranch Animals

Name: A Pig Named Love
Status: Broken Shovels Sanctuary

A Pig Named Love was rescued during a bomb cyclone in Nebraska. She was taken to an animal hospital in Colorado where she had a lump removed on her back. Her rescue was featured on the Coloradoan.

Name: Hickory
Status: Moonlight Mile Ranch

Hickory was rescued from the Woolsey Fire in Malibu, California. As the first horse to be part of Moonlight Mile Ranch, he is the inspiration behind all of our rescue work. When he came to us, he had already spent a lifetime working as a trail horse. Hickory is enjoying his retirement and life of leisure; his favorite activity is lying out in the sun after eating a big bowl of food. He is the eldest in the pasture, and we like to say he resembles George Clooney; he is incredibly handsome with his gray coat.

Name: Jude
Status: Passed Away

Jude was discovered in the backyard after his owner had passed away. Fortunately, he was adopted by an incredible family who provided him with a loving home for the rest of his life. Sadly, Jude eventually succumbed to cancer, but during his time with his adoptive family, he lived a happy and fulfilling life.

Name: Peanut
Status: Moonlight Mile Ranch

We discovered Peanut while we were in the middle of a pig rescue at a San Bernardino shelter. Peanut was only a yearling and was being held as evidence in a cruelty investigation. He could not be released for rescue or adoption until the case was dropped or completed, which could take days or years. Lucky for all, a week later, he was ready to be released. He spent months in the hospital and required surgery, but made a wonderful recovery. He is now the largest and strongest horse in the herd, and the most dog-like. Peanut often rests his large head on our shoulders, and he loves scratches. Peanut and Ollie are the same age and the best playmates.

Name: Allen Ginsberg
Status: Kindred Spirits Care Farm

Allen was rescued from a property in Malibu, California, along with Charles Bukowski. When found, Allen was in a horrendous condition, with hundreds of flies infesting his eyes. Thankfully, he underwent several eye surgeries, with the last one performed by an optimistic and skilled human doctor. Miraculously, the doctor managed to save Allen’s eyesight. Now, in his forever home, Allen is living a life of happiness and contentment.

Name: Chance Avocado
Status: Moonlight Mile Ranch

Chance Avocado was rescued from a property in Palmdale, California where he was abandoned and left behind by his owners. During his time on that property, Chance had suffered an injury, wrapping his hoof in barbed wire, but he was denied any veterinary care. When our team finally reached him, he was in such a dire state that he couldn’t even walk. Thankfully, we took him to a hospital where he received months of dedicated care. Chance Avocado found a loving home at Moonlight Mile Ranch before his passing in early 2023.

Name: Charles Bukowski | Status: Kindred Spirits Care Farm

Charles was found neglected in a property in Malibu, California, where we were able to remove him and bring him to safety. He faced the challenge of having two surgeries to remove non-cancerous lumps in his throat, but despite these obstacles, Charles is now thriving in his forever home.

Name: The Legends
Status: Placed at various rescues and private homes

We rescued this group of pigs from a shelter in San Bernardino, and among them, several were pregnant females. These pigs had been abandoned, victims of California’s current micro pig overbreeding problem. Despite their challenging past, each of these pigs, along with their offspring, found a new lease on life and went on to experience wonderful and fulfilling days ahead.

Name: Ollie
Status: Moonlight Mile Ranch

Ollie was rescued from the slaughter pipeline in Texas by a friend of Moonlight Mile Ranch. He was only one year old and terrified of people. He had no training and was difficult to handle. We asked if we could help and worked with him regularly until he was able to go for a walk (sometimes runs!) on a lead rope and halter, be trailered safely, and have his hooves trimmed by our farrier. He moved into the same pasture as Hickory and Peanut shortly after. They all quickly took to each other, and Ollie was officially adopted by us. He is a welcome addition to the big pasture where he spends his days with Hickory and Peanut.

Name: Norman
Status: Libby Lou’s Safe Haven

Norman, rescued from a dairy farm in Northern California, faced a precarious fate. As males cannot produce milk, they are deemed unnecessary on dairy farms, but our team intervened and brought him to safety. His initial months were fraught with challenges, as he had to undergo several hospital visits. However, Norman’s resilience prevailed, and he made a full recovery. Now, he is thriving in the company of other cow companions, living his best life and embracing the love and care he truly deserves.

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