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Jude, a beloved husky, was rescued from a heartbreaking situation following the passing of his owner. Jude was released to Moonlight Mile Ranch, where, with the assistance of Hit Living Foundation, they were able to find him a nurturing foster home.

Auggie Norman, a Jersey cow, was liberated from a dairy farm where his fate was confined to a life of exploitation. Thanks to the collaborative efforts of compassionate individuals, he was swiftly transported to a caring foster home, where he received the critical care he desperately needed. Once Norman was able to travel, he journeyed to Libby Lou Safe Haven, an exceptional sanctuary devoted to the well-being of cows like him. Auggie Norman’s story epitomized the power of rescue. This is a testament to the invaluable work of sanctuaries like Libby Lou’s where cows like Auggie Norman are given the opportunity to thrive and experience the compassion they so deserve.

A Pig Named Love faced a perilous situation when she was rescued from a food processing farm in Nebraska amidst the devastating bomb cyclone of 2019. The property’s destruction served as a backdrop due to her dire circumstances, marked by extensive cysts and injuries to her hooves. Following her rescue, A Pig Names Love found a permanent and caring home at Broken Shovels Sanctuary.


Charles Bukowski and Allen Ginsberg were rescued from a property in Malibu, California where they suffered from neglect and grave health conditions. Charles exhibited highly aggressive behavior, and after a proper medical examination a tumor was discovered in his throat. Charles had the tumor surgically removed. Allen’s plight was just as heartbreaking. When he was found, there were hundreds of flies burrowing inside his eyes. Allen had three surgeries to save his vision and correct his eyelid that was growing in an unnatural direction. Allen and Charles live with Kindred Spirits.

Legends. Seven potbelly pigs were rescued from a shelter. They were all surrendered from a backyard breeder. Pot-belly pigs, also known as micro-pig, knue kune and Juliana, have experienced a surge in popularity as house pets in recent years. However, this rise in popularity has led to severe consequences, including overbreeding and crossbreeding resulting in an alarming number of pigs being abandoned and surrendered to shelters. The root issue lies in the misconception that these piglets, initially adored and pampered by families, will forever remain miniature companions. However, these pigs grow and mature, their innate pig nature emerges and specific care and accommodations. Unfortunately, when families realize the full extent of the commitment required to meet the needs of a pig, they often surrender them to shelters. The consequence of over breeding is distressing as countless healthy and innocent pigs face the tragic fate of euthanasia due to limited resources and overcrowded shelters. Education, advocacy and understanding basic needs to an animal you are adopting will reduce the number of surrenders at shelters.

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